Trained highly skilled Sushi chefs carefully select fish to check their condition and quality every day and give life to them again as sushi. “We'd like guests to have fresh, premium quality seafoods that are tasty and good value.” This aspiration commits to deliciousness.


Prime Fatty Tuna RM30

Medium Fatty Tuna RM20

Lean Tuna RM12

Mackerel RM11

Sea Bream RM16

Yellowtail Belly RM16

Yellowtail RM11

Eel RM11

Salmon Belly RM16

Salmon RM11

Fluke Fin RM11

Marinated Fluke Fin RM21

Bigfin Reef Squid RM11

Tamago Yaki Sushi
(Grilled Egg Sushi) RM6

Tamago Yaki
(Grilled Egg) RM11

Sweet Beancurd RM6

Shrimp & Shell

Botan Prawn RM30

Sweet Shrimp RM20

Red Shrimp RM16

Cooked Shrimp RM6

Live Ark Shell RM36

Live Surf Clam RM48

Live Whelk RM43

Scallop RM21

Surf Clam RM11

Seared Sushi

Lighty Toasted Prime Fatty Tuna RM30

Lighty Toasted Prime Fatty Tuna Marinated with Salt Sauce RM35

Lighty Toasted Lean Tuna Marinated with Salt Sauce RM12

Lighty Toasted Lean Tuna Marinated with Mayonaise RM12

Lighty Toasted Salmon Belly RM12

Salad Broiled Salmon RM11

Salmon Belly with Salt & Pepper RM16

Jumbo Sushi


Prime Sea Urchin RM48

Salmon Roe RM21

Salmon & Salmon Roe RM21

Supreme Minced Prime Fatty Tuna RM16

Crab & Crab Liver RM16

Marinated Fluke Fin RM16

Minced Fatty Tuna RM11

Spicy Fluke Fin RM11

Flying Fish Roe RM6


Thin Roll


Homemade Scrambled Egg

One-plate meal, a la carte


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